Terms and Conditions

Can I use music from The Panto Jukebox in my theatre production?

Short answer - yes, subject to the fine print below. We would appreciate a credit in your production's programme if you have one, we'd also love to hear about your production - tell us about how you're using our music by getting in touch.

The Fine Print - Audio Content Terms and Conditions

The purchase of music and sound effects (Audio Content) from the Panto Jukebox website (This Website) grants the purchaser a License to use said Audio Content in a Live Performance setting such as a live theatrical performance; subject to the below conditions. By accessing this site and purchasing Audio Content herein you agree to all of the following terms and conditions:

  • All Audio Content remains the property of The Panto Jukebox at all times.

  • A Live Performance License is granted solely to the purchaser and is non-transferable. This applies to both individuals and organisations - organisations such as theatre groups and production companies should make a purchase in the company's name to grant a license for use in a live performance by that company.

  • The Live Performance License does not extend to the use by Third Parties, lending, hiring, resale or gifting of purchased Audio Content.

  • Extended licenses are available for use of The Panto Jukebox Audio Content in non-live performance settings such as commercial video and audio recordings, installations and experiences. Please contact us for further information and rates. 

  • Purchased Audio Content cannot be exchanged or returned. In the event of a technical error with your purchase please contact us for an alternative method of delivery. 

  • The Panto Jukebox reserves the right to make use of any reviews or comments for promotional purposes. 

  • A breach of any of the above terms will render any license invalid and any further use of the Audio Content illegal. The Panto Jukebox reserves the right to take legal action against any and all involved parties  in such circumstances.