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Why Are We Here?

There's nothing like starting with an existential question!

Headphones and panto mug

I started The Panto Jukebox a little over a year ago, having spent the last ten years writing music for pantomimes of different shapes and sizes, and before that I acted in them, making my debut as a dwarf in Snow White too many years ago to mention. I sensibly realised that, whilst very enjoyable, acting requires at least some modicum of acting talent, so took a job behind the scenes making use of my more usual vocation - music.

My vision for this site is to have a a repository of great music that is purposely designed for use in a pantomime, that smaller theatre companies, amateur groups and schools will find useful. I produce at least one full pantomime's worth of music every year and try to produce some purpose-built track to feature on this site as well.

At the moment I don't generally accept formal commissions but it's something I'd like to develop in future if there's some demand. You'll also notice that everything for sale on this site is original music - although I do produce arrangements and medleys of existing songs they aren't for sale at this time.

If you've got a suggestion for music or a musical sound effect then please do get in contact - I'd love to hear from you. In the meantime, follow @pantojukebox on Twitter and check us out on Youtube to get the latest updates on new tracks and see what's coming up.

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